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Binary Options Indicator

Hello Trader
Toady i will share you "Binary Options Indicator" 
Characteristics of Indicator
1. Recommended Broker - IQ Option
2. Asset -  Major Currency Pair
3. Candle Timeframe - 5 Min
4. Expiry - 5 Min
5. Trading Time - London Sessions And New York Sessions

* About Indicator:

Strong Entry Points  (price within levels)

Binary Options Indicator

If the price is in the middle (between levels) we make decisions that the entry point on this currency pair is permissible. We are waiting for the indicator to be notified. This gives us a clear understanding of how and where the price will go with very great accuracy and confidence.

Understanding Entry Points (outside the levels)


The most dangerous and for beginners do not recommend to take these points because the power of all levels is lost (price outside the levels).

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