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VfxAlert Review: An Ideal Set Of Tools For Successful Trading


Today we are here with the review of vfxAlert, one among the topmost signal providers. The main objective of this software is to reduce the risk of wrong trading decisions.Every trader is concerned about the importance of assuming the future price action more accurately to put a trade.In this aspect, some trading tools can be beneficial to help them come up with the right trading decision. vfxAlert is one such signal tool.In this article, we are going to discuss every ins and outs of this software, and figure out if it’s helpful for the traders or not in reality.So, let’s dive deep into it.

What Is vfxAlert

vfxAlert may be a signal service that gives signals for binary options traders. A Russian expert named Aleksandr Mikolyuk is that the founding father of this bot. It generates more than 50 signals per day as per their website information.They offer two types of accounts that we will mention below with a detailed overview. On the other hand, this trading signal works based on three strategies.To be more specific, this bot pulls triggers for action, to buy or to sell an asset based on market analysis.Traders can use this tool in their trading strategies so that they can make a profitable trading decision.

Why Choose vfxAlert Signal

vfxAlert may be a trading signal provider bot that permits traders to guess the potential price action more accurately.Traders who are familiar with the basic principles of the trading market, technical analysis, and statistical methods choose to use these types of trading signal bots.

  1. Now let’s look at the features of vfxAlert.
  2. Full range of online analytical tools
  3. Two account types: Free and Pro
  4. $45/yearly for Pro account
  5. 75%-85% profit rate
  6. Available strategies: trending, short-term, and reversal
  7. Extended statistics, Heat Maps
  8. Classic binary options signals
  9. Convenient interface

Account Types Of vfxAlert

vfxAlert has two account types:

  1. Free account
  2. Pro account

VfxAlert Review: An Ideal Set Of Tools For Successful Trading

A FREE account will give you small opportunities. Through a free account, you can only test, how the signal runs.

On the other hand, the Pro account will give you a lot of additional facilities. Pro-Account signal power is extremely strong.

Supported Trading Brokers

vfxAlert supports any binary options brokers. However, we are recommending below two brokers in terms of trustworthiness, regulation, clients feedback, return percentage, etc.

Our Recommended Brokers

  1. IQ Option
  2. Olymp Trade

How vfxAlert Works

VfxAlert Review: An Ideal Set Of Tools For Successful Trading

vfxAlert provides service of signals and statistics supported the market value movement and technical analysis. But traders shouldn’t solely depend on signals.Traders usually trade based on their trading strategies and signals used only as confirmation. 
vfxAlert Signal toolbox contains Asset, Price, Time, Expiration, Power, Signal, Algorithm, and warmth map.There are three available signals: Short-term, Reversal and Trending. 
You can determine the conditions of maximum probability signals.By Heat maps, you can measure the favourable market situations. Here, all the signals are based on the successful trading strategies that are built in-house by vfxAlert team.Each new signal has time, resource, data, directions, opening & closing price, countdown, expiry time and final result.Besides, on the highest toolbox, you'll get Charts, Trends, Forecasts and Economic Calendar also . 
You can control your account from a separate window. Also, you can see the exact number of earned/lost signals as they update all the results in real-time.Unfortunately, vfxAlert doesn't offer trading strategies for traders. They only provide signals and statistics depending on the current indicator’s value. So, you have to make strategies by using this signal.

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