Best Forex Trading Robot-EA ~ AM Trading Tips

Best Forex Trading Robot-EA



Characteristics of EA-Robot
1. Platform - Metatrader 4
2. Asset - Major Currency Pair
3. Candle Timeframe - M5, M15
4. Trading Time - Around The Clock

This Robots-EA work according to RSI ( Relative Strength Index ) indicators. It has the function of reducing the drawdown on the account by overlapping unprofitable orders (grid). EA doesn’t trade very frequently (once a day). when the this Robots-EA algorithm opens a new order it will either close its profit or use the grid method(if the trade goes negative) until that order bucket makes a profit.

If you want you can manually open an order. EA will try to trade it according to its grid method but it’s not recommended. it’s best to let the EA algorithm to decide when to open the trade. But it’s good to deactivate EA before a big movement.

Free Download Robots-EA Here 1 OR Here2

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