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Binary Trading Guaranteed Non Repaint Metatrader 4 Buy-Sell Indicator



In this blog I am going to be sharing one of the best binary trading guaranteed non repaint buy sell signals Metatrader 4 indicator.

This trend following indicator is very reliable. It guides forex and binary traders in the market about the direction that prevails or begins. Moreover, a non-repainting MT4 indicator provides buy and sell signals.

This indicator represents the MT4 trend indicator that draws BUY and SELL signals based on moving average intersection. The Blue arrow represents the “Buy” signal while the red arrow “Sell” signal.

Trading Rules:

  1. When blue arrow appear on the support level or near support level, then immediately take buy trade.
  2. Similarly When red arrow appear on the resistance level or near resistance level, then immediately take sell trade.
  3. Don't take buy trade when price is on resistance level and don't take sell trade when price is on support level.
  4. Try to take trade on trend direction.
  5. Candle timeframe 1 min and expiry will be 5 minutes.
  6. Also avoid trading during news release time.
  7. Best trading time european sessions and new york sessions.

Free Download Indicator Here 1 OR Here 2

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