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Highly Effective & Reliable Non Repaint MT4 Indicator


 In this blog I am going to be sharing a highly effective and reliable trading strategy designed to provide accurate signals for profitable trades.

This System is based on a set of unique author indicators and price movement patterns. It combines four different indicators into one powerful indicator, making it quick to learn and easy to implement, even for beginners in trading.

Let's discuss the four components of this trading System:
  1. Momentum Trend Trader (MTT): This lower histogram identifies the prevailing trend in the market, helping traders determine market phases.
  2. Reverse Point Indicator (RPI): This non-repainting level indicator works on any timeframe and provides clear levels of support and resistance (depicted as red/blue rectangles).
  3. Trend Change Correction (TCC): This signal indicator uses arrows to identify entry points for corrections and is suitable for trading with or against the current movement.
  4. Trend Change (TC): This signal indicator marks primary entry points for opening trades during trends or reversals using arrows and text.

This System can be used on any Forex currency pair and other assets such as stocks, commodities, cryptos, and precious metals. It is compatible with various timeframes, allowing traders to choose the timeframe that suits their trading preferences, from 1-minute to 1-month charts.

So let's start to look trading rules of this indicator. 

BUY Position Rules:

  • The MTT indicator should be green, indicating an uptrend (although not strictly required).
  • The price should approach a blue level (support).
  • A green arrow with the text "TC Buy" must appear on the chart.

SELL Position Rules:

  • The MTT indicator should be red, indicating a downtrend (although not strictly required).
  • The price should approach a red level (resistance).
  • A red arrow with the text "TC Sell" must appear on the chart.

Trade Exit:

For trade exits, consider the following options:
  • Liquidate positions using a fixed profit target.
  • Set the profit target using previous support, resistance, or high-low levels.
  • Manually exit the trade if the system conditions reverse (opposite signal appears).
  • It is recommended to use a stop-loss by setting it below the entry price, referencing previous support/resistance or the previous high/low swing. Avoid using fixed stop-loss settings without reference points.

Trading Recommendations:

In addition to the standard trading rules, the Cluster Trader System offers specific recommendations to enhance your trading experience:
  • When the MTT indicator turns yellow, the market is in a flat phase. In such cases, trade only from the strongest levels that haven't been broken through.
  • When trading against the trend, the presence of a TCC arrow (correction) is an essential condition, although trading from levels is not necessary.
  • Scalping transactions are allowed but carry increased risk. The Cluster Trader System is primarily designed for trend trading, so scalping may have a higher probability of incurring losses. We do not recommend scalping as the primary trading approach with this system.

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